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Perform, sustainably

The drivers of performance have changed. A more sustainable future belongs to the most resilient and productive organisations.

Anthesis is here to deliver sustainable performance. We combine broad and deep sustainability expertise with robust commercial and operational capabilities.

We work with leaders to shape smart solutions that integrate economic performance and sustainability impact, then help make them happen.

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The Activator Approach

The Activator Approach is our three stage methodology for delivering sustainable performance. Whether corporate strategy or specific operational problem solving, the Activator Approach flexibly combines the right expertise and tools for the job, across a proven, end-to-end logic of change.


The Analytics phase develops insightful diagnostics of business and sustainability issues, builds engagement, and identifies opportunities and risks. Our methods combine primary research and data collection, big data analytics, scenario modelling and multi-stakeholder qualitative research.

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Sustainability poses new challenges and presents extraordinary new opportunities for organisations. But the very newness of these factors can make them difficult to address: they require new tools, methods and approaches. Rooted in robust evidence and analytics, we work with clients to identify and design high impact strategies and solutions that unlock sustainable performance.

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The future is what actually happens. From energy generation to public engagement campaigns, and from programme management through delivery on the ground: where clients need implementation support, our specialist teams help to make plans into reality and results.

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Our Service Areas

Driving performance through sustainability across seven integrated service areas, creating value and positive change for all clients

Supply Chain + Operations

Transforming your corporate strategy, mapping multi-stakeholder supply chains and meeting customer demands for more sustainable products and operations


Sustainable Products + Services

Tackling global regulatory and customer demands while producing products that perform better environmentally. Improving business processes and creating more value from fewer resources.


Brand + Communications

Unlocking value through sustainable and purposeful brands. Amplifying the impact of your sustainability investments across audiences.


Education + Culture

Transforming minds and social awareness through inspiring, engaging and educating campaigns and projects. Blending innovative, creative and bespoke educational resources to support a more sustainable society.


Cities + Environments

Designing and driving impact-led initiatives for cities and environments globally. Helping cities to measure emissions, model scenarios, set targets and take action to become carbon neutral.


Transactions + Finance

Complementing traditional Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) due diligence assessments with tailored Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) advisory services to protect and enhance investments and facilitate access to capital.


Strategy + Governance

Helping organisations to define holistic sustainability strategies that drive performance and build resilience.


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Anthesis has acted as an extension of our internal team – effectively guiding us throughout our sustainability journey, taking into account our unique business drivers, company culture, goals and objectives. Their expertise and partnership have been instrumental to our ongoing progress                                        

Former Director of Corporate Services
Alliance Data

Anthesis have been excellent partners with their concentration on technical excellence and offering top client value. They are environmental experts, big enough to provide global services but small enough to provide the independence and agility that provides great results.

Darrell Stickler
Global Environment / Sustainability Lead

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Anthesis has offices in the U.S., Canada, Colombia, the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Andorra, Finland, China, the Philippines and the Middle East.

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