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Our UK business spans the full spectrum of Anthesis Group services and solutions. We work with you to help you identify your goals and put your strategic plans into action to deliver successful business outcomes.  Our approach is recognised as market-leading, and we have a reputation for our pioneering, creative approaches to solving our client’s problems.

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We can support with all aspects of sustainability support for your business. To help your business operate efficiently, we have vast experience across energy and carbon management, as well as footprinting and other metrics. We also have dedicated solutions to help you better assess the environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities facing your organization wherever you operate, such as RiskHorizonTM.

Our UK team are also specialized in product and supply chain management – including circular economy methodology, waste and resource management, global chemical management, supply chain design and implementation, and sustainable procurement.

To bring all the elements of your sustainability plans together, our strategy and communications specialists help to develop your approach to sustainability – finding out where you should focus through processes such as stakeholder engagement and materiality assessment. We also help to tell your story in the way which best appeals to these stakeholders, such as through reporting, infographics and other creative methods.

Alongside all these services, we have the software and systems capabilities to create the innovative and bespoke data collection systems, collaboration platforms and apps to help you get buy-in from stakeholders across your business and supply chain.

ISO 14001: 2015 certification

Four of our UK offices – ­Oxford, London, Manchester and Bristol – have environmental management systems (EMS) certified to ISO 14001:2015. Read more about our internal sustainability commitments here.

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Anthesis has offices in the U.S., Canada, Colombia, the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Andorra, Finland, China, the Philippines and the Middle East.

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